Wednesday, September 03, 2008


It's been a minute since I last released the fury, but once again OB haters(my codename for Obama)  got me fired up.  Lets start there.  During the past two years where would you say you heard "Fired Up!" from in terms of campaign's? YES Obama camp.  It was a theme.  A good one that of course worked.  Now every week someone who supports Mac or Mac himself have used fired up to describe how McCain has got them energized. BS. And just yesterday some dude on fox news said the Fred Thompson speech got him "fired up".  For real!?! It did. Word? If that fires you up I would hate to see what would happen if Jessica simpson's tit popped out while performing her latest country hit.  Of course we know that OB's foundation was built on change.  McCain camp saw how successful that was and jumped on it like he did fired up.  Now is actually trying to say he is the change America needs b/c he has experience.  Haha! lol! Whew! crazy.  Dogg 500 yrs on earth is a lot of experience, but we can't have a president who as soon as he checks into the white house is just as quickly checking out.  They say experience is so important, but nobody has been the president nobody has served higher than US senator.  They are all in the same boat. Wait. Gov. Palin isn't a senator. She is a governor.  She was elected in 2006. Before that a Mayor. two yrs there.  Sounds like the same amount of time OB has been a U.S. Senator. What are her real credentials? Lets see. She is chair of the Interstate Oil and Gas commission which purpose is to recover domestic oil. Hmmmm.  BS in communications-journalism from the Univ. of Idaho. Lifetime member of the NRA.  Doesn't sound like a resume for 2nd in command.  No wonder McCain picked her. Oil and Guns a familiar trait of a current VP.  
The funny part is they are complaining of unfair criticism on Palin.  Really?!! No one has ever heard of her, she is a governor, questionable background, and just completely a question mark.  They didn't complain when every media outlet had Rev. Wright as their topic for months everyday all day.  That was cool, but poor Gov. Palin who has 5 kids and has stopped corruption, and commanded national guard troops, and handled a state budget single handedly. Give me a break.  She has not begun to take heat. And she is really getting off easy b/c we don't know enough about her yet.  What we do know is she speaks tonight along with Former Mayor Adolf "excuse me" Rudolf Guiliani.  I'm sorry man, but if they steal another election I will never vote again unless it's for impeachment.    I almost forgot,Fred Thompson repeated that tired story of McCain being a POW at the RNC.  Ok on the surface that sounds great. He took one for the team, but how does that translate into great leadership?  Since when do we start celebrating people for being tortured.  Abner Louima wasn't celebrated.  He isn't considered a hero. Sean Bell wasn't considered a hero.  He picked Gov. Palin b/c she has ties to Oil most importantly or reserves.  She is a woman. Hear me good.  With the Love Hillary got they are trying to get the female vote especially Hillary voters who have said they would vote for McCain over OB.  And he knew that those other dudes weren't going to bring any excitement. Knee jerk reaction if you ask me.  If you want to learn more about Gov. Palin

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I wish I knew how to add music to this post. Due to my unfamiliarity with this feature imagine hearing Rakim "Guess whose Back". It has been several months since I've released my fury, a new year has passed and my Giants have made it to the Divisional Playoffs. Once again I have been sickened by rap music. Some how my remote found BET this morning. The show was 106 and Park. The new joint of the day was "Crank Dat Batman" by Pop it off boyz. Not only was the song a replica of Souja Boy's "Superman", Unk's "walk it out", and some other popular southern hits the dance looks exactly like walk it out. You might say where is the story? Well, the unoriginality here is ridiculous(as in horrible), the lyrics don't exist, the video looks like they shot it themselves. I have so many issues here I can't even remember where I was going with this, but i view this video as an example of the brain washing that continues to hinder the cognitive development of our young people. Why do we listen and buy this crap. It's not music. You can't really dance to it and the lyrics make no sense. These kids are trying to make money in a positive way, but at what cost? I am officially disgusted with the music industry, namely all record labels, studios, radio stations, fans, and rappers who love to hear dumb shit for the love of money. The first thing I thought of was I am ashamed that people who don't know anything about black people see these videos and laugh. They think this is what we are all like. It's not funny. It makes me wanna hurt somebody because it doesn't seem like it will end. Just like many genre's before it maybe rap will fall off hard enough in the near future where other styles will prevail. God Bless America and Vote Obama (Chuck the deuce)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The current state of affairs in this country has me wondering who is going to step up. More importantly when. This election next year may either be a turning point in the downward spiral we have been experiencing since Bush took office(Notice that most people refer to our president as Bush and not President Bush and it's never with a smile). Anyway, there are several things that have caught my eye and we must address them all. First, our justice system is no where near the best and with hesitation not the worst either. The problem is we are way too inconsistent with our punishments and how we treat people who don't have money. I don't need to explain our hollywood stars who get busted with drugs and DUI's after DUI. Our white collar criminals who barely make the news robb people of millions and most of the time get away without a scratch. The people never get their money back or pensions lost from their CEO's fraud. The cops who use excessive force on people and never are dealt serious punishment. It's a shame the BS they feed us from the time we are little kids about how great America is. The truth is we are probably the most shady, two faced, back stabbing, nation in the world. Our deviant thirst for money and our careless obsession with power keeps us from battling issues that we have ignored for many decades. Instead of prosecuting the pawns in drugs, prostitution, gangs, and dogfighting lets make an attempt at the Kings and Queens. Cut the heads off and the body can no longer function. Arresting people for weed possession is ridiculous. Why? Because it will never end. The shit is grown in peoples backyard or in their homes. F******* daycare centers have weed operations now. Wow! did you hear about that? Right in good old L.A. The point is the government along with the state obviously are benefiting from collecting these low level criminals by seizing their money and keeping a portion of it. When is the last time you heard of a drug lord being killed or arrested? Exactly on the history channel. A story about 20yrs old. We are to corrupt to have a fair and equal justice system. When DA's can threaten young high school students with the stroke of his pen or when cable news stations allow misinformed a-holes who think they can solve problems of another race when they have never been a person of color let alone have experienced anything like that of a poor kid in the hood infested with drugs and violence. We have to stop the bleeding b/c we are bleeding to death

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vick is Guilty. Vick is stupid. Vick made horrible decisions. Vick F-up. Vick deserves punishment. Vick doesn't deserve banishment from the league or a sentence longer than a yr if that at all. All this hate i hear and read about is typical of those who love to see a high profile Black person fall off. To prove my case hands down these fools on 790 the zone. An am sports station right here in the A were crackin jokes about Eddie Griffin former NBA player and Seton Hall standout who killed himself this weekend by crashing into a train. I love comedy, but to make fun of a man who just committed suicide and did nothing to you or your family to deserve that tells me these MF's just don't give a F about decency or black people(But I am not surprised b/c they're not black) This media frenzy is not because a sports hero was found doing illegal activities, but b/c he is a once in a lifetime athlete who showed tremendous ability, but didn't get his team to the Superbowl. He had a run in at the airport with a strange water bottle that turned out to be nothing. And he flipped some fan the bird. So what. He had cornrows. So what. He may or may not listen to rap. So what. His actions off the field aren't the best, but in comparison to other players who have done illegal activity he might as well have been knitting sweaters. Michael Irvin is a HOF(Hall of Famer) He got busted more than once with drugs and then with a pipe in his car while working for fox i believe. No organizations or media networks camped out of his house or the fox studio looking to stick a mic in his face. no one cared. It's just funny to me how Kobe, O.J., Bonds, Reggie Bush, and now Vick are going to be forever linked b/c of alleged and convicted criminal activities. The media storm is those cases were sick. Why? Black brothers who had or have lots of money and who white folks can target b/c the have been able to reach their homes and living rooms and impact their children. What I mean is instead of idolizing sports heroes like Bird, Tom Brady, Matt leinart, and Cal Ripken their kids are in love with our black athletes and they salivate at the chance to tell their kids that guy is a "thug" so stop trying to be like him. Here is a nice clean safe guy Matt who went to college at USC and he has never done anything wrong he is your hero(Matt L and Tom B are cool, but both their babies weren't planned more like an accident not illegeal,but not a very great example to show young cities or kids). Anyway make sure you look up Jena Six if you haven't already. I'm out

Thursday, July 19, 2007

While the juices are still flowing I read a post by a fellow blogger. The topic was on our country's state of affairs. Mostly the media coverage of Paris H, latest kidnappings, high profile murders, and most recent terror attakcs in Europe. Simply put it is the End of Days. Or close to it. Weather has changed dramatically globally, people are getting illnesses that were supposed to be eliminated, people are stressed out beyond belief. No longer going vacations to relax, but killings themselves and family members. NOrleans is still in shambles after donations in the hundreds of Millions. Osama hasn't been killed, and I wonder if he even existed in the 1st place. Businesses are still rapidly out sourcing over seas. A college degree doesn't mean much anymore. Better have a Masters or two plus a Ph. D and a hott body. My current residence in the Atl is filled with people who just don't give a beep. The news lets us know this by reporting the 98 deaths a week. Or robberies, police shootings, or car accidents. F the new iphone how about creating a better healthcare system, educational system, judicial system. Where the hell is the technology for poverty or homelessness? Don't ask me. I don't know whats going to happen next, but if we don't get our asses in gear right here at home, that iphone will become a symbol for the destruction of a nation stuck behind a levee supported by Bullshit.
It's has been a long time since I posted. I apologize. From this day forth I will be more frequent with these post because there is always some BS going on that no one is hollering about loud enough. Back to business. I keep hearing and reading about Vick. ESPN especially. Mort says there is a potential for bannishment from the league. WHAT? Yes, bannishment. Crazy is right. No way is that reasonable even if he is gulity. Wait. they gave those kids 10 yrs for heating up 1 dogg. they might give Vick the DeathP.(not true) But if the the charges stick then why not? I mean according the these allegations several dogs were killed so whats the punsishment? 6yrs. Not enough. Lets kill Vick to set an example for animal rights.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is why I'm Hott....
Nuthin like some racism to lite my fuse. I.M.U.S. Ignorant Motherf Ugly Son/of/a/b Yes, that's what it stands for. He deserves everything he gets. I cannot believe Fox news and Jim Rome and others repeatedly saying this is a double standard. Rappers say"Ho" and degrade women and they aren't held accountable. First off rappers say "Ho" and mean it. They refer to the group who participate in ho-ish activities. They aren't targeting a specific ethnic group. White parents are giving up their dollars to their teenagers who are buying the Dble standard lyrics. Secondly, Hip-hop has always been critized for it's lyrics. Luke and 2 live crew? Banned in the USA N.W.A. Fuck the Police Ice T copkillers. At this time the government and our politicians were afraid of the violent lyrics and they responded. Now rappers spit about money, cars, and hos. There are plenty of black women who don't appreciate being called "ho's", but they dance to the music at the clubs because they feel it's not directed towards them even though they are mostly black women in those videos they are considered entertainers. Most of them probably aren't hos. I hope. Third, motherf'n IMUS said "Nappy headed ho's" referring to a group of black basketball players who are not entertainers. Not the same fuck'n thing aholes. By saying Nappy headed he made it racial b/c he knows thats a stereotype of black folks. He says it was a joke. Bullshit.
My extensive research on resulted in other racial jabs at Condelleeza Rice, Indians(India), and Jews. His producer was responsible for that and should be fired NOW!!! If he said "Nappy headed negroes" would that have been a joke? How come everytime there is a fire storm on a white person saying something wrong about black person people in the media try and turn it around. Yes racism exist. White people still have the power to disrepect, mistreat, commit criminal acts, not hire,fire, black people for the color of their skin and "they" think its nuthin racial about it. Kiss my black ass. Until, we get out OF THE TRAP and start getting involved in government, politics, and policy they will continue to escape the consequences of their racist actions. Furthermore, the producer butt hole said "hos". I bitch Mus added "Nappy headed" which says to me his feelings are he believes black people have unkept hair and like to sleep around. Unkept, dirty, sleep around black women. Racist yes.
Oh yeah, this snowflake, goldy locks, with ocean eyes had Rev. Jesse Jackson on. You know what she did? She said Rev. " remember when you said "Hymie town" in 1984. Are you serious? I was only 1, but she is trippin. She is trying to defend IMUS and his comments by saying Jesse Jackson did the same thing. Huh? How many hurt feelings occurred when this went down? Couldn't have been as many as Jesse's family. During that time he received death threats, dead animals at his home, and a group of Jews tried to ruin his campaign deliberately. Yes it was wrong, and he apologized. But in no way is it the same. Jesse made a good point on the show. He said imus has a history of disrecpectful, racially motivated, flat out horrible shit. And he continues to get away with it. He (Jesse) does not have that history. Finally, his sponsors are pulling out. Amen. Hopefully, we have seen and heard the last of this old, tired, racist, ass, punk IgnorantMotherfUglySonofab

And like college superstars going to the NBA i'm gone

Saturday, January 27, 2007

If there is one thing I absolutely hate, it's bad driving. This city has more bad drivers than it can handle. The range of bad habits hits every category. 1) No turn signals 2) Driving slow in the HOV/fast lanes 3) Using the turn signal and then turning in the opposite direction 4) Blocking busy ass intersections 5) stopping at yield signs 6) Waiting til the last second to use turn signal 7) Driving below the speed limit(elderly people) 8)When a sign says keep moving they stop. Need I say more? This is ridiculous. Everyday this happens on every street, every highway and all day. That's another thing. Rush hour lasts 4 ev -ver 4 ev - er(Sandlot reference) Anyway, 6am to 9am morning rush 12 - 2pm lunch rush 4pm 8pm traffic. That's crazy. Worst part about it is on the rare occasions the traffic is light. Someone finds the ass in my way when i need to be somewhere. It never flippin fails. If i could blow out the tires of some of those a holes I would(without them getting hurt of course). Why do people drive by accidents and stare completely at the wreckage? Do they want to be next. Nosiness causes accidents too. Should there be an age maximum for driving? Lets say 60 thats it.

Like cereal in the morning I'm gone
Talking about things that really don't matter. Mr. Washington of Grey's Anatomy. Yes, he was wrong for calling his cast mate a "Fag", but I don't think it's the end of the world. A heart felt apology and some superbowl tickets should heal all wounds. I will say however, that forcing him to go to some rehab or whatever isn't going to change him one bit. You can't rehab personality. He is who he is. The problem is he makes black folks look bad. It's already hard enough for (BF) to get major roles on primetime and he isn't helping the next black stars that follow him. With any luck he won't be killed off and he does something that changes his image. People will continue to watch the show, but when Isiah's face is shown a round of boos will follow. I've seen some comparisons on other sites between the F word and the N word. STOP. Let's not make this mistake. Similar in use, but way more powerful on the N side.

Like DUI drivers on the road i'm gone!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Toilet Seat. Should it be left up, down, or seat down lid up? This issue has ruined relationships all across the country. Of course you might ask why does this matter. The truth is it doesn't in the grand scheme of things, but it matters to me. I pay for this bleeping toilet. Why must I hear, "why did you leave the seat up?" "Shit, cause I wanted to". Or if you want to avoid drama " I forgot, my bad". Fuck all that. If the shit is down you have to open the motherfucka anyway. Whats the problem. I wiped the piss up, damn. What do you want from me. I understand if you have small children that could be a great argument for the seat to be down. Otherwise, stop crying. And if i needed to drop a bomb and my stomach is bubbling it would be nice for the seat to be down and ready for my arrival.

Like Isaiah Washington on Grey's Anatomy I'm gone...